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Vadim Zaika

Future of Business,
Youth Advocate

Vadim Zaika, a native of Almaty, Kazakhstan, embodies a profound dedication to embracing curiosity and relentless personal growth. With unwavering passion, he simultaneously cherishes his homeland and nurtures a deep admiration for other countries’ cultures and diverse viewpoints. Beyond the confines of his daily school routine, Vadim embarks on separate voyages, exploring his passions for computers, language models, digital arts, and biology. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill cultivation reflects his firm belief that these endeavors will not only contribute to his personal success but also bring invaluable benefits to society at large.

Growing up, Vadim’s brother had a knack to wreak havoc on his beloved electronics and toys, pushing Vadim’s frustration to new heights. But it was the tragic demise of his favorite robot that pushed him to take matters into his own hands. Determined to rescue his robotic companion from the clutches of destruction, Vadim armed himself with glue and embarked on a mission to restore it to its former glory. 

With focused determination, Vadim dove headfirst into the world of electronics, bravely facing the maze of intricate components laid before him. As he diligently pieced together wires and circuit boards, he realized an invaluable life lesson unfolding right before his eyes. The importance of proactively addressing problems became crystal clear, as Vadim understood that waiting until things got worse only led to heartache and disappointment.

The robotic repair adventure not only taught Vadim to be forward-thinking, but it also instilled in him the value of fixing things rather than letting them deteriorate. And as he reflected on this incident, a grin spread across Vadim’s face. He realized that this experience had shaped his mindset to become a proactive problem-solver, always prepared for potential difficulties and ready to find solutions before they could become overwhelming. 

Now armed with his newfound wisdom and a trusty glue gun, Vadim stands ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. Whether it’s a broken toy or a malfunctioning gadget, he knows that with a little ingenuity and a whole lot of determination, he can bring things back to life and put a smile on his face, as well as the faces of those around him.  

Currently, Vadim is involved in numerous challenging projects while gaining insightful experience in various tech companies. Recently completing his internship at KCELL, a fintech and telecommunications company, he now brings his knowledge and skills to O!, another company in the same technological sphere. At KCELL, he became proficient in mobile financial services and other VAS and OTT-like services, actively contributing to the UI and UX design of their upcoming mobile app using Figma. At O!, he is part of a team dedicated to enhancing their leading financial services, O!Dengi, by providing valuable suggestions on features, interface, and usability, 

Additionally, he is involved in the AWS Program, where he is learning web development and language models, including AI. Completing his 11th-grade academic year at QSI school, he has demonstrated his dedication and focus by achieving three awards - US Academic Presidential Award, Academent Achievements Awards in Physics, and Academic Achievement in Advanced Mathematics, Always driven by curiosity, he is currently working on an open-source app for distributed AI, aspiring to surpass similar projects like ‘Petals’. With his expanding portfolio, there are exciting future projects to look forward to. 

His main objective in attending a great university and pursuing a career beyond is to have the opportunity to choose. He understands the danger and insecurity of being stagnant while the world progresses. With the knowledge gained, he aims to choose a better path, leading others to cleaner, more polished roads. To navigate the rapidly evolving world of technology, he believes diving deep into IT, physics, and data analysis will be key.

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