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Edith Chan

Mission Aquavate

Edith Chan is a 15-year-old girl based in Hong Kong, who avidly promotes marine conservation from scientific and economic lenses. With a focus on SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDG 14 (Life Below Water), she mobilizes youth towards a more sustainable future for the world’s oceans.  

From seeing cells divide rapidly under a microscope, to watching chameleons change color, Edith’s interest in the natural sciences began at an early age. Now, she is an animal lover with a fascination for all living organisms, especially marine creatures. One day, Edith went to a beach for a swim and found herself immersed in a gulf of garbage. The unpleasantness and grotesque environment lead her to ponder, the impact of plastic on marine organisms, as well as the ecosystem as a whole. 

From an academic perspective, Edith focuses her studies on Biology, Chemistry, and Economics, gaining a deeper understanding of environmental issues as well as the real-world implication of science. At her school, she is the leader of the Sustainability Student Society (SSS) - a student-led organization. Edith leads discussions during the sessions, where students identify the most prevalent environmental issues in their school and propose practical solutions to be implemented. Outside of school, Edith is the founder of Mission Aquavate - a youth-led organization that promotes marine conservation, through education, advocacy, and taking action. Edith has represented Mission Aquavate at the 2022 StartMeUpHK Festival, the 2022 World Food Forum, and the 2021 UN APFSD Forum, where she presented on a myriad of topics ranging from aquaculture to sustainable development.  

In university, Edith plans to expand Mission Aquavate, through collaborations with well-known organizations and by recruiting more members. She also plans to conduct world-class research and contribute to breakthroughs in ecology, by investigating the connection between human actions and environmental health. Edith plans to explore interdisciplinary fields, such as environmental economics, and uncover effective policies to tackle the ocean pollution crisis. 

Edith plans to work at an environmentally conscious enterprise, which will give her insights into running a low-carbon footprint business. From a lifelong perspective, she believes combining the sciences and humanities will yield the most impactful ways to enact systemic change. 

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