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Amritha Promoth

Youth Advocate,
Future of Business and Finance

Amritha Promoth is a student who lives in Mumbai. When it comes to reaching her ambitions, Amritha is a person who is highly passionate. Amrita's main goal is to create a positive impact on her community, and she is interested in pursuing business and finance as a pathway. 

She has always been very ambitious and had very high hopes for her future. She really enjoyed doing math and participating in many competitions such as abacus and puzzles. Over the years, Amritha has been practicing for many competitions and has won many prizes. However, one of the competitions was very challenging, as it required her to finish all the questions and finish it as fast as possible. Both time and accuracy mattered. Amritha was determined to work on this and succeed in this competition. Being resilient allowed her to pursue her dreams and work hard for this competition. On the day of the competition Amritha tried her best and was able to complete her paper very fast. She was confident that she did well and would get all the answers correct. When the results came, both her and her parents found out that she correctly answered every question. However the time wasn’t enough to get to 2nd place. There was exactly one second difference between the second place and third place. Amrita then realized that each and every second matters. This helped her understand that she should use each and every second wisely and do something that actually matters. Living your life to the fullest is what matters to Amritha right now. 

This value stayed with her as she entered high school. In terms of academics, Amritha has always been interested in finance but at the same time, launching a purpose-led and impact-driven business has always been her dream. Therefore she picked extended math and individual and societies as her main subjects. Outside school she takes part in various extracurricular activities such as volunteering-teaching young children keyboard in a non-governmental organization which provides home and a future for homeless street children in Mumbai. Outside of service, she enjoys sharing her views on different topics therefore she decided to be part of the TED-ED club in her school, where she actively takes part in various debates and also presents speeches regarding topics she is very passionate about. For leadership, she is part of the leadership team of the science club where she plans fun science experiments for younger kids to perform and bring curiosity towards the scientific processes. The intention for the club is to teach kids science in a fun and an engaging way. She has always wanted to help others pursue their own passions and help them explore different fields.

When asked about her perspectives on real world problems, she identifies the issues of the failure to mitigate climate change and large-scale involuntary migration to be key global risks. Climate change has always been a topic Amritha is very keen upon doing something about. In her opinion, mitigating climate change is essential not just for the survival of human beings as whole but also to all the other living species in our mother earth. If we fail to do this it can really impact the upcoming generations and cause long-term and irreversible harm to the environment. For involuntary migration, Amritha understands that there are many people around the world who are forced to move due to war and conflicts in their countries as well as climate related problems. Amritha feels that providing these people support is essential as it is our responsibility to help those who are in need.

Amritha's dream is to get to a top tier university where she gets to pursue her dreams and ambitions, and also also be in an environment where she can create an impact on her community. This can help her meet a lot of people, form connections and gain a lot of exposure. Amritha plans to further business management or finance studies at institutions such as Harvard Business school. After university, she would like to join a top corporate where she aspires to work and create an impact on both the company and her co-workers.

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