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Raiqa Kamran

Future of International Business
Youth Advocate

Raiqa Kamran is a dedicated and hardworking individual with a passion for entrepreneurship and politics who believes that helping underprivileged communities is critical to making the world a better place. She believes that youth has the positive attitude to impacting society in the future. This is because it is in the hands of her generation to raise awareness through social media and technology and ensure change is made in key areas such as climate change, children’s rights, cybersecurity and healthcare. 


Raiqa has been involved in multiple projects and volunteer opportunities, she has come to the realization that success hinges on personal dedication and effort. When she decided she wanted to start her own club to teach young children about sustainability she struggled to engage volunteers and secure resources. For her that was a moment of clarity. She understood that the outcome of her project depended heavily on her commitment to overcoming such challenges. She doubled her efforts and reached out and broadened her goals and scope. She refined her goals and resonated with more volunteers. She was successful and she realized she was getting more recognition for her efforts and inspired others. This taught her self resilience and shaped her approach to personal and professional endeavors. 


She is fond of leadership activities and loves to help out when there is a need too. She is the founder of the “Sustainable Sprouts” club, she is educating children about being responsible for the environment, and tutors the students through the Little Learners. She is the host of her own Kaizen podcast where she discusses personal growth and developing and growth mindset. She is also a university ambassador in school often trying to encourage and help others, she develops extracurriculars, and is coordinating prom planning, with good organization. Additionally, she is participating in Model United Nations in order to enhance her understanding of global issues and different perspectives. Her activities not only illustrate her leadership skills but also her dedication to continuous improvement and understanding others. Anchored by her interests in poverty alleviation and climate action, Raiqa has recently initiated a new project on constructing homes for the marginalized who were affected by flooding in Northern Pakistan. 


In the long term, Raiqa hopes to become a bridge between those struggling and building better communities in struggling countries due to inequality and political issues, to make an impact in low income communities in order to give opportunity to underprivileged individuals and inspire others to make change to create positive impact in the world.

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