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Egao Ozawa

Future of Business,
Youth Advocate

Egao Ozawa and his upbringing as a young expeditionist was an encompassing experience that shaped him into the confident, outgoing, and globally-minded individual he is today. Growing up studying across three different continents, Egao learned valuable skills such as adapting to new environments and forging new relationships, as well as taking responsibility for himself at a young age. His passion for learning about different cultures and languages grew as he lived in different parts of the world, which gave him a deep appreciation for diversity. He is very committed to creating social impact through the entrepreneurship route, as he believes financial sustainability is key to driving long-term systems change. 

Through his hard work and dedication, Egao established himself as an accomplished student during his junior year of high school, earning impressive grades and taking on challenging courses, particularly in STEM fields. His passion for learning and curiosity led him to take higher-level calculus and explore a variety of science courses. Egao also actively contributed to his school community, giving tours to visitors and creating a club that produces videos to foster school pride.

Beyond the classroom, Egao has taken actions that are deeply engaged with his international background and desire to help others. He took the initiative to establish a tutoring academy, staffed by international students in America, to provide support and guidance to native Japanese speakers. This initiative reflects Egao's commitment to bridging cultural divides and using his knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world.

In terms of long-term goals, Egao has long been drawn to the field of business, thanks in part to the inspiration provided by his father, an admired entrepreneur. Growing up under his father's mentorship, Egao was able to witness firsthand the passion and enjoyment that can come from a fulfilling career in business. In preparation for his future in the field, Egao has already begun taking courses such as statistics and college-level economics to gain a solid foundation in the subject matter. With a strong sense of purpose and a desire to follow in his father's footsteps, Egao is eager to pursue his career in business and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

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