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Inayat Pathak

M. A. C.

Inayat Pathak is a 17 year old student from Dubai (doing the IBDP) and is currently based in Norway. She has a diverse set of interests such as art, psychology, volunteer work and literature. She strives to explore some of these interests as a law student. She is also an artist who has a passion for literature, debate, analytical thinking and legal puzzles. She has an international approach to life, via which she seeks the ability to create change.

Her favorite experience growing up would be spending hours in the art studio at her school in dubai and transforming the space into a sanctuary. There she discovered skills that taught her perseverance and patience, to name a few. It was a space that constantly challenged her and where she discovered other passions such as how art could be used as a tool to convey important messages in modern day politics. 

As a high school student, Inayat has made a significant impact in her community by leading volunteer projects. She has qualified all three levels of the UK Sports Leadership Academy, giving her the skills to host charity events such as basketball tournaments for children facing autism, whilst coaching a variety of junior sports teams at her primary school. To accelerate her impact, she has worked with an international volunteer organization called IVHQ, by teaching students English in rural areas in Indonesia in an attempt to contribute towards the UN’s sustainable development goal 4 of quality education. Inayat’s passion for the UN and what it stands for stemmed from a young age as she began competing, chairing and organizing Model UN conferences.

In an attempt to combine her interests, Inayat is currently working on a platform known as M.A.C., which is an art exhibition that provides all its contributors with a stage to advocate for issues they find prominent in our society by harnessing the power of art and creativity. 

At university, she aims to study law in order to be able to create a deeper; more significant impact. The reason for this stems from her initial intrigue in psychology, however this transformed into a more humanitarian cause as she traveled and explored different situations people have to face across the globe. She wishes to be able to help some of these people in her lifetime. 

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