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Alexander Chenkang

PRISM Framework,


Alexander Chenkang Li is a curious learner who is fascinated by the connections between human civilization and the natural world. He enjoys exploring the natural wonders of the planet through traveling and studying geography and natural sciences. As an American born Chinese who lived in Shanghai for almost 15 years, Alex practices the cultures from both countries and is aware of the importance of being inclusive and innovative in realizing the impact he seeks to create during his lifetime. 


Alex could not comprehend how huge of a difference there exists between people’s lives before he visited Kenya on a school expenditure during February 2024. Before the trip, all Alex had in mind was the prospect of enjoying the sights on the safari and the chance to eat local food. However, when the group drove through the Kibera Shanty Town in Nairobi, Alex’s perspective of how he sees the world is completely transformed. He saw dilapidated huts made of metal sheets, all clustered against each other in a vast, endless area. He saw children, not at school where they should be, but sitting on the street, next to a miniature river of brown polluted water. He saw piles of trash taller than the some houses that filled any area that is not occupied by the road or a hut. It was then Alex realized how privileged he was to grow up in the comfortable and safe conditions of his home in Shanghai, and how lucky he is to have the opportunity to explore the world through his education. From that moment onwards, Alex developed the ambition of helping the underprivileged with the skills he acquired through education, and that he pledged to not waste the chance of making change with the opportunities he has been given.


Understanding the importance of seeking both professional and personal growth, Alex strikes a balance between building a strong academic foundation and establishing a diverse portfolio of interests. At school,  Alex is currently finishing his IGCSE courses. For IB, he is planning on taking Math AA, Chinese B, and Geography for HL, and ESS, Chemistry, and English Lang/Lit for SL. Furthermore, Alex hopes to further pursue his passions in Geography in university, while also keeping his doors for STEM majors open. Outside of the classroom, Alex is a dedicated sportsman who trains in both fencing and basketball. He loves competing with others and finds the process as an opportunity to develop qualities he doesn’t have. He appreciates the privileges in his life and takes pride in supporting anyone who needs his help. 


Looking ahead, regardless of which major or career path Alex chooses, he is certain that his commitment to his north star - that of developing and acting as the catalyst within his community to mobilize collective change towards a cause - will serve him well. He looks forward to the many challenges, both big and small, that come his way in the future, as each of them will become an extra meaningful step to take towards becoming the person he is destined to be.  

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