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Kevin Si

Future of BME,
Youth Advocate

Kevin Si is a Chinese-American student who channels his passion for helping others and logical, hands-on STEM to pursue biomedical engineering and medicine, aspiring to lead innovation and social change through his experiences in leadership and philosophy.

He has always viewed his high school years as an opportunity to satisfy his intellectual curiosity but more importantly as an avenue to grow as a young adult in the intricate mosaic of modern society. One of his most enduring and impactful lessons came during a sleep-away camp. He vividly remembers his initial emotions of loneliness and vulnerability, and how meaningful it was for him to be accepted into a group of his peers. Most importantly, Kevin remembers how a friend of his was shunned, bullied, and even harassed by the very community he was a part of. Kevin cherishes the courage and commitment he took to defend his friend and hold those once close to him accountable for being bystanders and bullies. He takes these qualities of accountability, comradery, and courage into his endeavors as he strives to be a better leader, student, and friend. 

Academically, Kevin is using the IB Diploma program to further his education in STEM and satisfy his intellectual thirst for the humanities. Most notably, he has taken AP BC Calculus and AP Physics C in his sophomore year and multivariable/differential calculus as a junior. He has learned population density modeling, circuitry, rotational kinematics, and three-dimensional laminar manipulation. In the humanities, Kevin loves exploring content like philosophy and psychology, taking challenging electives in both. Kevin is most fond of his Extended Essay writing experience, grateful to have been able to conduct independent academic research on the impacts of how federal economic and political policy affect his local community in Montgomery County.     Additionally, Kevin takes immense pride serving as his school’s student government schoolwide vice president. He envisioned and executed his school’s first inaugural International Night event, drawing in over five hundred participants and over a dozen student-led performances. He also serves as his school’s Science Olympiad club leader, giving presentations and teaching the school’s largest science club with over sixty members. Outside of school, he is the editor-in-chief for emerging youth philosophy journal Conundrum Philosophy, having expanded the publication to a county-wide effort with over eight feature student writers. 

Throughout his life, Kevin has always thrived in a culture of learning composed of similarly curious and diverse individuals such as himself. For Kevin, prestigious universities offer the quintessential environment to meet like-minded individuals, academically challenge himself, and grow as a young adult. Furthermore, prestigious universities offer more bountiful and impactful opportunities like ground-breaking research, exclusive seminars and connections. Well-funded research labs and opportunities to meet pioneering professionals and alumni are unparalleled in the upper echelons of universities.

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