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Linh Do Ngoc


Linh Do Ngoc Bao (Jinny) grew up in the suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam. She is interested and participated in advocacy work in fields of social justice and environmental protection. Linh is not afraid to venture into new concepts, and hopes to find innovative solutions to global issues.

At a young age, Linh was taught to always stand her ground and never give up on what she believes in. Entering primary school, she began to express her own opinions and build up more confidence. Linh became more involved with raising awareness and learnt to always hold on to her own perspective; never letting outside interference cloud her beliefs.

Linh has been involved in numerous extracurriculars and leadership roles throughout her academic career. She has been a part of her school’s Student Council since Primary; she has recently accepted the role of Prefect and Co-Head of the Department of Social Awareness. In addition, Debate club was also a passion of Linh’s, as she has engaged in numerous debate tournaments. Outside of academics, Linh is a member of her school’s Varsity Volleyball Team. For her work in social impact, she was invited by Learning Planet Festival 2023, co-organized by UNESCO and many partners, to partake in the global ASPIRE 2030 campaign for youth health and empowerment. She is also a co-host and speaker at the Youth Forum 2023 of Social Enterprise World Forum. 

She is the Founder of Inner Peace Center, with the motto: “Find the Peace Within”. Jinny believes that the ultimate goal of education should be to assist students to “move and grow toward self-actualization”, which is helping each learner discover and then release his or her full potential. For her, this could be also referred to as enabling inner peace in the minds of the learners as they feel that they possess the potential to face the challenges of life and live a life that they can feel content with. With this project, she aims to heal both the individual and the society, and this is why the Center puts the wellbeing of every learner at the forefront of the teaching-learning process, and inspire from within. 

Looking ahead, Linh’s main goal is to be able to apply into universities that would ensure her a high quality education. With an interest in humanities and social sciences, specifically interconnected with psychology and business, Linh aspires to go into the treatment route of psychiatry to fulfill her desire to help improve people’s mental health.

Linh Do Ngoc BAO: TeamMember
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