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Felipe Blanco is a rising junior at Cate. About two years ago, he made the decision to go study in California.

Since he was young, he has always been interested in sports and STEM. As a result, moving schools to the US has allowed him to pursue these interests.

After university, he wants to combine STEM and entrepreneurship to tackle world problems such as mental health, climate change and corruption. As he loves playing and watching sports, he wants to address the ongoing mental health problems that many athletes, of all levels, have to go through.

For him, during football season, he always had a hard time balancing his time spent between academics and sports. From studying for his calculus test to memorizing the defensive plays, he has always felt stressed out and pressured. As many athletes suffer from mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, or even depression, he seeks to create a service/and or product that will help them overcome these issues, empowering them to reach their full potential.

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