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Fay AlFaraj

Women In STEM,
Youth Advocate

Fay AlFaraj is a 16 year old student from Kuwait. She is highly dedicated to achieving her own goals, as well as helping others achieve their own goals as well. 

She was brought up to constantly push the boundaries. She always made the most of her creativity for both herself and those around her. She continues to live by this lesson today, and she enjoys sharing it with those around her. 

Fay is currently preparing for life at university while pushing herself to learn more and set new goals. She participates in numerous organizations at her school as a member and executive, and it is through these experiences that she has learnt how to hone her current abilities and adapt them to future demands. Additionally, she is an engaged part of her community and hopes to launch her own initiative to improve things in her community.

As she matures, Fay aspires to create a new future for the fields of technology and science by enrolling in a top university and, perhaps, finding employment in a world-class workforce. Fay aims to abolish the stereotypes surrounding women in STEM by inventing ground-breaking innovations that will help many societies. Beyond expectations related to her profession, Fay wants to connect with new individuals and forge new realities.

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