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John Weng

Beats of Harmony

John Weng is a youth activist interested in the intersectionality of war and conflict, human rights and poverty. Understanding the importance of logical thinking and expression in the fields of Political Science, his favorite academic field, John is interested in debating and learning about other cultures. On top of his academic interests, John appreciates Chinese culture and arts and also loves expression in arts and music during his free time.

As a kid, he would not consider himself as a textbook exemplary child. He has at times been dabbling in the art of fighting (such as in Primary 6 when he experienced his first black eye), lying (more “white” than often), and permanent borrowing (such as from convenience stores). Even though he has never been caught, as he had a great “coach” who happened to be his older brother, he has over time come to the realization that this is not the right thing to do. He believes that - due to those experiences, he has gained a stronger sense of self-discipline and self-respect for not only his family and peers, but also for himself. 

In high school, John is active in a few key areas of extracurricular and leadership activities. First, he demonstrates a strong passion for drawing, and through his art, he channels his deeper thoughts and perspectives on the plight of the world. Second, he is committed to fine-tuning his skill as a debater, one that fights for peace and speaks up for people whose human rights were abused. His engagements in debate and MUN also helps him better build his logic and make him a more strategic thinker. In addition, he is an enthusiast in zen drumming, as he enjoys the sense of shock and uses it as a pathway to train himself to adhere to something challenging and growing his confidence. Finally, he enjoys boxing and basketball, and has developed an idea to create a bilingual website for his school. 

In the future, John will focus on discovering new and innovative experiences to further his vision and horizon, something which not everyone could have a chance to do. This includes attending trials at courts, participating in global festivals, and testing out different and interesting hypotheses and theories on others in the form of social experiments. .

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