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Future of Economics,
Youth Advocate

Napat Jiratunlathorn is a determined person when it comes to realizing her goals. Sometimes, she can be competitive and controlling on certain things such as group projects. She likes to think that she is an ambivert, and she would like to make an impact on reducing education inequalities in both urban and rural areas across Asia.  

Growing up, one of her favorite stories was when she poked her finger into a fan in a water cooling machine because the fan was spinning so fast she couldn’t see it there. Her finger bled immensely and she got a finger cast for weeks. Because of this incident, she has a permanent scar that’s bumpy on her left hand. She is now accustomed to checking the left and right hand using that scar. This story is meaningful to her because after that she learned from her mistakes - everytime she looks at her finger, it takes her back.

To pursue her current ambitions, Napat is undertaking a wider range of activities to satisfy her intellectual curiosity. Academically, she is doing the IGCSE, with a triple science focus on chemistry, biology and physics. In addition, she is taking Thai first language, English language and English literature, mathematics and additional mathematics. To further boost her realm of interests, she chose Economics, Psychology and Drama. Outside of school, she initiated a non-profit named Junior Spectrum with her friends about children with autism, and key activities include fundraising activities for various local charities, arts and crafts workshops, designing solutions on noise cancellation and more. She also joined a club at school called Economics Infusion where she aims to become head of later in her ademica 

When asked about her future, Napat is currently exploring the intersection of business and sciences as a potential career option. When she graduates from university, she aims to work on issues in the world she is passionate about, such as those of gender equality and the debt crisis. 

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