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Hao Lun Li

Youth Advocate,
Future of Technology

Hao Lun Li is a secondary school student in Vancouver who is aiming to advance an interdisciplinary approach in computer science, data science and engineering towards creating a better tomorrow.

For him, an important life lesson is that one should act according to the opportunity sooner rather than later. In his experience at SHAD, this was the lesson that he learned in regards to the 5-minute SHAD speech where he talked in front of 45 random new people from all across Canada. Selections for speakers were based on a volunteer and random selection basis, and lucky (or unlucky) as he is, he was never picked and didn’t volunteer. As he went through the program, he realized that connecting with others early and acting sooner was much more important.

Currently, he is actively engaging with the PMSS Robotics Team as an engineer and driver. To address his interests in poverty alleviation, digital literacy and disinformation management, he is working on a project which, based on personal assessments, can guide individuals with completing a list of tasks to escape situations of poverty and homelessness.

Looking ahead, by attending a great university, Hao Lun aims to acquire an education suitable enough to apply his passion in solving problems to design or build systems with a global impact. He intends to build a diverse network through collaborations, internships, and sector exposure. Hao Lun’s plan involves developing an entrepreneurial mindset to foster innovation and contribute solutions to current global issues. Additionally, he will consider advanced degrees while staying flexible to adapt to evolving career opportunities, influenced by current developments such as AI.

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