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Vien Chan

Future of Economics,
Youth Advocate

As an inquisitive individual who seeks to understand the world, Vien Chan is passionate about Economics and how our behavior and decisions, be it at an individual or global level, can shape our ever changing society. She hopes to apply such knowledge for a future where a sustainable economy and environment can coexist. 

Growing up, Vien has noticed uncomfortable changes in weather patterns, causing her to start worrying about the future of our environment. She tried different ways in addressing the issue, such as reducing consumption of meat to contribute to global net-zero efforts. After having read Naomi Klein’s “Capitalism Vs The Climate”, Vien was inspired to see how economic and environment outcomes were tightly interconnected with one another, enthusiastically taking on a new economics perspective on targeting climate change.  

Vien takes HL courses such as Econ and Math AA, in efforts to further her understanding of how different policies can enable economic and environmental sustainability to coexist with one another. Outside of school, she hopes to implement her learning through various extracurriculars, whether it be through raising awareness of climate change and economic inequality in ISSIA articles, working towards implementing changes in policy within the ESF sustainability alliance, or tutoring through multiple channels for Economics. 

When asked about her future plans, Vien aims to continue to develop her understanding of the world, while finding meaningful ways to give back to both her community and the environment, making the most out of each day. Here’s to hoping (and working towards) many more survivable summers in the future.

Vien Chan: TeamMember
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