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Leah Zhu

Future of Advocacy,
Youth Advocate

Born in a small town in Michigan, Leah Zhu has always valued and loved the tight knit community she grew up in. To her friends and family, she would be described as flexible, genuine and adventurous. She is keen to make an impact by redesigning the future of education and advocacy in order to reduce the current inequity in quality education. 

One story she constantly heard from her parents was The Chinese Zodiac Story, in which animals competed in a race to become a Zodiac. Hearing about the monkey, sheep, and rooster, working hard to cross the finish line together, Leah realized the importance of working with and helping others around her. 

With this newfound appreciation for community, Leah has been involved in many activities in school and outside of school to help people in need. A manager in Proud To Be Me Dance Therapy, Leah teaches dance to young dancers with special needs through Zoom. She is also the Media Manager in her high school’s Student Council, in which she helps communicate important school events to unite the school body. In school, she takes classes like Marketing Education and AP U.S. History to expand her knowledge on society and the general public. 

In the future, Leah hopes to further her education by studying business at a university, where she aims to use her knowledge, know-how and experience to co-design innovative solutions tackling the issues of education, wealth gap and poverty alleviation. 

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