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Andrei Bylinin

Youth Advocate, 
Future of Engineers

Andrei Bylinin is a persistent, careful and self-consistent student that wishes to gain knowledge and use it to solve humanity's problems. His main interests are aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering.


Since primary school Andrei has been in leading roles in his class. He kept his grades in academics as high as possible and took part in different olympiads and other competitions. This made him realize that he has to become a leader. He also watched different documentaries about space and physics, which have brought him to liking astrophysics.


Currently Andrei finishes his school year with maximum grades and has a few victories in olympiads. He also has swimming and boxing training with his coaches. He also is in charge of the school’s diplomatic club, organizing different events for students. He aims to get enough knowledge for helping others, solving different regional and global problems and improving people's lives.


In the future, Andrei hopes to have enough impact on the world to help those in need and make traveling easier for the masses. He believes that his generation indeed holds the key to reverse course on many of the world’s most pressing issues, and he looks forward to forming global alliances with other youth to ideate, innovate and activate change.

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