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Bryan Chiu

Design Your Life at 25

Bryan Chiu is a Design Thinking Enthusiast who is passionate about helping teenagers design their lives at 25. Bryan has been playing chess competitively, since the age of 9. Being an award winning FIDE U18 tournament chess player and the founder of the Chinese chess club at CDNIS, he has learnt the importance of planning a few steps ahead through this strategic board game. While he has developed a strong interest in STEM subjects and a newfound interest in behavior economics and game theory, he didn’t know which specific career suits him most, and what kind of future lies ahead of him.

After talking with his father, teachers and researching online, one of the most interesting resources he found is the “Designing your life” framework by Stanford university Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. After trying out the framework himself, he was fascinated by the realization that he can actually plan out his life and take control of his future. Having experienced the epiphany of self-discovery and life design process, he is certain that it could help inspire many teenagers who might be equally stuck and confused about their future, or even haven’t thought about their future yet!

That’s why he decided to modify the proven framework “Designing Your Life” that is originally made for adults, into a fun, interesting and more suitable framework for teenagers and aim to guide other teenagers to plan out their own life! Since the establishment of DYL25, students from 3 different countries have tried out the program with results and data indicating a great impact for each individual student.

Bryan is strongly encouraged by such progress and is committed to amplify the impact globally to serve more teenagers of any family background who can benefit from the program. He hopes to reach 10,000 teenagers in over 10 different countries by 2025, and set up local chapters in selected countries to tailor make our program locally in order to impact teenagers more effectively.