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Nidhi Gangumalla

Litter League

Nidhi Gangumalla is an environment enthusiast and an academically driven individual. As the co-founder of a sustainable business, she is interested in exploring the intersection between business and the environment.

One of the most important lessons she learned growing up was the value of stepping out of her comfort zone and trying new things. For a long time, living inside her bubble was safe and easy, but it meant that she was limiting her capabilities. What if she is missing out on wonderful opportunities for personal growth and development by staying within her circle? This fear and guilt led her to join Bring A Smile Foundation, a non-profit organisation that wants to bring a change, big or small. Through this foundation, she was exposed to various problems that many were facing. Some were specially-abled, some were suffering from medical illness, some were financially poor, while others were orphans. Seeing all these different challenges made her realise how grateful she should be for the life she is able to live, safely and happily. It made her appreciate her good health, financial stability, and loving family. As a result, she was determined to do something for the less fortunate. As such, she started by scribing for visually-impaired students in their examinations. Even though only a small difference is made, it gives her great joy when she knows that she helped someone else and brought a smile to their faces. The feeling one gets from that pleasant smile or heartfelt thanks is indescribable. It has made her realise that even if getting out of her bubble was challenging at first, it was worth it. 

Nidhi is actively engaging across a wide range of activities to pursue both professional and personal growth. To build her foundation in the area of sustainability, she became the Founder and CEO of Litter League, an anti-littering club that aims to promote waste reduction and solid waste management practices. The club plays a crucial role in helping to create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable community for everyone. She was selected for the LaunchX Summer Program and co-founded Sustaintials which provides essential products and kits to encourage a sustainable lifestyle. She is also an active member of the school community and its clubs. 

She is a writer at 'Writers of Tomorrow', an online youth-led news and media platform. She was appreciated for her article on the “Liberalisation of the Indian Economy” by the Telangana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TECCI). She has been an avid tennis player for eight years. She is the Director of Research and co-host at 'Monkey Business Podcast', an organisation that releases podcasts on business, finance and economics. Nidhi serves as the Empowerment and Livelihood Manager at 'Platform for the Needy', a non-profit organisation in Uganda where she has been involved in crowdfunding activities for the Ugandan children to access education. She has also helped in spreading awareness about nutrition by designing posters for social media. She enjoys designing product catalogues for 'Good Old Games', a start-up on reviving ancient Indian vintage games and crafts. 

She believes that every individual has their own idea of a great university. For Nidhi, a great university is one that brings out the best in her. She wants to attend a place where she can develop her full potential, receive feedback and shape herself into the person she wants to be. She would love to be part of a community that's both competitive and collaborative, where she can share her ideas, learn from other talented students, and gain valuable knowledge related to her interests. She believes that a top university such as the Wharton School of Business would provide her with various opportunities and encourage her in creating a successful business that addresses a market’s needs. Nidhi has always aspired to innovate something in a new market and attending a university that fits her is what will enable her to achieve this ambition.

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