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Kristian Edidin

Future of Economics
Youth Advocate

Kristian Edidin is keen on learning and he always questions the world around in order to find the most efficient way of doing anything. He is deeply convinced that education is a tool which will make the difference and change the world. He has already taken a decisive step in fostering the education among youth by organizing regional project fairs, tutoring in non-profit organizations and establishing case-championship himself. He believes that education in the basics of economics and financial literacy can change people's lives, and help alleviate poverty. 


Besides his main passion for economics, Kristian has always been keen on mountain skiing. He values this experience not only for the skills which he gained, but for the life lessons which it taught. His first attempt to win the competition turned out to be a complete failure. Yet this initial loss fueled his determination to practice persistently and next year he won competition. Throughout this period of time he always felt the support of the coach who never turned away and helped to sustain courage. This experience nurtured resilience, huge gratitude to his trainer aroused the desire to step forward and share his knowledge with the world around and help those in need. 


Kristian has always taken project activity seriously and utilized it to engage and cultivate among his peers the motivation to help people in need. In his school he spearheaded and became the CEO of the Project Committee, where under his direction huge regional Project Fairs aiming to progress the cross sharing of experience were organized, as well as a new project in local cafeterias aiming to promote sustainable approach to waste was launched. He is also a curator in the international educating project Priceless education, where students teach each other for free. Later, he volunteered in the Red Cross fund, established an international platform Simul Ad Astra for connecting mentors with students and organized regional economics competitions. 


Knowledge gained in the university, Kristian hopes to apply to make a positive impact, contribute to changing the world for the better and provide assistance to communities and individuals who seek help and support.

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