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Hao Alina Zheng

Future of Law,
Youth Advocate

Hao Zheng, or Alina, is a student based in Australia. Growing up seeing the differences in the Eastern and Western world, she is determined to explore the nuances of social justice within different cultures. In particular, she is keen to create impact in the issues of gender equality, reproductive justice as well as intergenerational poverty. 

Since she was young, Alina had begun reading books about the history of different cultures and how order and law had been constructed. She was fascinated by the important role law plays as a foundation of modern society, and how justice is interpreted. With her multifaceted experience as a student who has lived in China and Australia, Alina realized the importance of promoting not only social justice, but also the rights of animals particularly in developing countries. 

Throughout secondary school, Alina had received a number of academic honors presented by her school. She is also keen in community service activities in which she joined her school’s community service group from the start of her high school journey. She has also been awarded with the positions of Debating and International Captain at her school. As a prominent debater in her school, Alina is very keen in discussing various social topics and voice her opinions. Being International Captain, Alina helps her school to promote both the social and academic life of international students and helps to promote diversity within the community. Furthermore, from a very young age, Alina had developed an interest in music and she plays the guitar for leisure when she is outside of school.

Looking forward, Alina aims to attend a prestigious university to pursue her interest in law, and realize the real world impact of justice in terms of advancing rights for both people and animals. 

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