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Maiia Tomskaia

Founder and CEO,
Carbon Time Machine

Maiia Tomskaia comes from the world's coldest city, Yakutsk, where winter temperatures often drop below -50°F.

However, due to ongoing global warming, Yakutsk started to experience new and unfamiliar challenges, like intense wildfires and thawing permafrost, endangering the livelihood of thousands of people.

Beyond Yakutsk, climate change has far-reaching global impacts that become more detrimental with every rising degree. In her pursuit to understand the root of these problems, Maiia traveled to Alaska and three other corners of the U.S.–Maine, Florida, and California–researching the consequences of climate change and how we can work together to mitigate them.

In Fall 2022, she will debut "The Carbon Time Machine" to raise awareness on how permafrost contributes to climate change. Given her contributions to environmental advocacy and education initiatives, Maiia has been chosen as a co-director and speaker at the Young Pioneers Forum, part of Global Goals Week 2022.

Maiia Tomskaia
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