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Sophie Park

Active Peace,

Sophie is a 16 year old Taiwanese-Korean high school  junior from Bay Area, California. A bubbly bookworm with a passion for celebrating multiculturalism, Sophie’s diverse heritage and travel experiences have opened her eyes to the beauty of life captured through multiple cultural lenses. She hopes to grow social impact initiatives blending research, storytelling, and innovation to empower marginalized regions. Understanding that ethical and harmonious systems depend on peace and balanced individuals and communities, Sophie believes this is where her work must begin. 

Through her roles as Associated Study Body Treasurer, President of the French National Honor Society and the Taiwanese Student Association, as well as a Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) Wellness Council Ambassador, she has led several initiatives, such as establishing cultural heritage partnerships with local organizations, cross-district mental health and financial activities, and has served as a representative for student, administrative, and district levels. On a global level, she has connected with the successor to Dalai Lama, His Holiness Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa, to found the Active Peace Global Youth Charter (APGYC). Inspired by Active Peace One World One Humanity, a global initiative and ideology started by His Holiness in 1989, APGYC aims to spread the idea that peace is not passive, or simply the absence of violence, but instead, an individual’s ability to continuously grow and reach his or her fullest potential and positive wellbeing. Following Buddhist values such as mindfulness, compassion, and empathy, Active Peace works to help empower one other through mutual discovery and cultural reconnection in a youth-based context. 

Active Peace utilizes a guiding framework of positivity, empowerment, ascension, compassion, and empathy. Some initiatives include:

  • Global Campaigns: Global partnerships with organizations, industry leaders, and school districts to foster holistic well-being and promote cultural understanding 

  • Positive Peace Curriculum: Addressing individualized needs and bridge regional disparities using theoretical webinars, while facilitating practical learning through live meeting rooms and chats to develop collaborative, socially impactful projects

  • Creativity & Engagement: Interactive elements such as a personalized digital mindfulness journal, student-led e-commerce platform, and comprehensive wellness hub 

In the coming years, Sophie remains committed to building this global community while developing herself via higher education and civic engagement. Ultimately, by recognizing the individual strengths and weaknesses of diverse communities, Sophie trusts that international and interpersonal connections help people look outside personal boundaries, embrace vulnerability, and work towards holistic wellness and progress together.

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