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Future of Journalism,
Youth Advocate

Alina Zaidullina is an empathic perfectionistic extravert, and she loves to challenge her strive for perfection by always trying something new. She is fond of literature and language studying, and she aims to empower youth through her media and communication interests to tackle issues of climate change, healthcare, global co-operation and freedom of the press.

Currently, Alina lives in a village of 5,000 people near the coldest city in the world. When she was a child, she thought that the biggest adventures from the books she read start where the crystal-clear snow ends. Alina first experienced this feeling on her family trip to Italy five years ago. While being there, she started journaling (like all literary characters) and learning languages, such as English and Italian.

From the beginning of every summer, the one thing that worries her the most is forest fires. Situations like this are not fully handled by the local government, and on the road home from vacation her family would drive through lifeless roads with trees without leaves, all black and small. The air pollution is so horrible that most people have to stay home most of the time. In 2022, a forest near her home was in flames, everything got to the point where her family had to evacuate on the other side of the village. The sound of helicopters flying back and forth to refill water supplies, complete helplessness in front of the fire, is always on her mind, when it’s summer.  

As she grew up, she picked up dancing: Alina and her group are actively performing with national dances of different cultures. She hopes to continue this activity in the future, collecting dances around the world. Polishing her writing style and knowledge of the language, she actively participates in the olympiads in English and literature as well as writing competitions.

Looking ahead, Alina wants to major in media or journalism to tell the stories of people, who can't tell it themselves. She wants to share the unique experiences each of us had and cover important problems of today's world through an intergenerational and intercultural lens, specially focused on collectively advancing climate action and global cooperation. 

Alina Zaidullina: TeamMember
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