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Isara Moriya

The Granola Fundraiser
Team Lead

Based in Japan, Isara Moriya is an active secondary school student, engaging in her interests and constantly evolving.

At just four months old, Isara rode her first airplane traveling to the opposite side of the world. Being raised in three different countries, Japan, the US, and Thailand, she has experienced a multitude of cultures, molding her mind to one that is accepting and open to change, a quality imperative to youthful minds jumping into the real world. Coinciding with her international childhood, she became bilingual in Japanese and English. Since fluency in two languages is an advantage, she wants to put it to good use. 

Outside of her academics, Isara has danced ballet since she was 4 years old. Dance has taught her much discipline and time management, something unique from what school can offer. Additionally, from her interest in cooking, she runs a granola fundraiser to give to a local children’s home. In a completely different field, psychology is an interest that intrigues her, makes her question her values, and makes her want to make an impact. 

Being part of the dance community has its ups and downs. While it has strengthened her in ways, it has also broken her down. Damaging her own as well as a multitude of other dancers’ mental health, she wants to put her interest in psychology and her own experience as fuel to creating a more inclusive and aware community. She strives for a future where people are well-educated in health, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Isara Moriya: Team Members
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