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Naman Naik is a student based in Singapore. Growing up, he has always seen his father work very hard when he’s close to a big deal or breakthrough, and most of the time he sees his hard work represented in the result. Nevertheless, there are instances where despite all his tenacity and grit, it doesn’t end his way. This taught him that all he can do is put in as much work as possible, but after that, it’s out of his hands. Sometimes the outcome may be positive, other times negative, but he must move on from it nonetheless. For example, he was passed over as a delegate for the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) music conference in his freshman year. Determined to be selected in his sophomore year, he dedicated more time to his practice and learning and succeeded in being chosen as a piano delegate for the IASAS music conference in 2022-2023.

In high school, Naman is working on and establishing a product that prevents potentially harmful radio emissions from negatively affecting health. Applying for and receiving a patent for the product (India #406359), and selling it. He is an avid musician, having been involved in the art for over 10 years. He is most experienced in piano, which he has played since the beginning, and he has chosen to learn the flute and bassoon as well in more recent years. For the first half of his musical journey, he treated it more like a chore than a hobby; he saw it as something he had to do, not something he wanted to do. As a consequence, he actually quit music for about 6 months at the age of 9 years old. He is acquainted with many friends who have played an instrument in the past, but he wasn’t going to become like that. After his 6 month hiatus from music, he actually began to miss it. It had become part of his identity and personality, and without it there was a void in his character. So, predictably, he picked up the piano again, this time with a more artistic attitude than an uninterested one. Shortly after, he picked up the flute, a choice he will never regret, since it did nothing but enhance my curiosity. Today, he is not just an uninterested pianist like he used to be, he is now a classical and jazz pianist, an ensemble flautist and bassoonist, and a beginner guitar student. He will forever be looking for ways to explore his passion, since there will never be unchartered waters in music. 

Academically, Naman finds physics intriguing. He is challenging himself by taking the highest level physics courses available to him, and is exploring astrophysics and particle physics outside of school through online courses, summer programs, books, and research projects. His interest in both the small and stellar sciences stemmed from an early curiosity of mechanical physics, something he picked up from his youth fitness trainer, who would constantly explain the physics behind movements and how to optimize motion. Naman carried this forward through school, and is now looking to branch out his work in the physical sciences.

From a personal perspective, he values how comfortable he can be with his parents and brother. Something he has grown to appreciate which he has seen lacking in other families is our ability to talk to each other about anything and everything; our need to give each other a hug as we pass by in a corridor; our inability to eat without being seated with the rest of the family. These are all things that bring us closer together and as time passes, he is more and more thankful that his parents brought me up this way.

When asked about his future, his goal as an individual is to leave the world with something he has made or discovered that makes the lives of future people easier. It could be something entrepreneurial, or maybe an important area of research, but he wants it to be a product of his knowledge that can help the foreseeable future significantly. To create this lifelong impact, he wants to keep learning throughout his life. It could be anything, he just never wants to stop learning. He knows there will always be a topic that will keep him intellectually curious.

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