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Luna de la Vega

Vice President, 
Centro de Apoyo a Migrantes (CAM)

Born in Madrid, Spain, Luna de la Vega is a passionate 17-year-old student who enjoys

innovating while also contributing to the community. Luna is currently enrolled in the IB

program, with her favorite courses being physics and mathematics. In addition to her

academic pursuits, she enjoys working out and has attended a private ski academy to pursue her athletic dreams.

Growing up, Luna was instilled with the importance of hard work, and her favorite

quote is by Tim Notke: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.” Since her

childhood, she has strived to be the best version of herself, whether that version involved

being an athlete, a diplomat, or a famous scientist. She loves reading and learning new

things, cultivating a curiosity that extends outside of academics.

At the young age of 10, Luna moved from Madrid to Monterrey, Mexico, where she

began exploring the realms of the sciences. Currently, Luna is part of a newly established

student group in her high school called STEMinds. STEMinds is a group that consists of 8

passionate students. Their mission is to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and

Mathematics. Through various activities, they aim to teach children about the importance of

sciences in the world. She is also part of a research project on plasmonic sensors and

nanotechnology, collaborating with a renowned researcher and several PhD students.

Apart from her academic pursuits, Luna is the vice president of a student group

called Centro de Apoyo a Migrantes (CAM). This group was reinstated to her high school by Luna and one of her best friends with the aim of assisting migrants and providing them with emotional as well as economic support. She currently serves as Vice President for CAM. She was also a part of the National Honor Society (NHS) and the Peer Mentors program at her previous school.

Luna is currently in the process of preparing college applications and hopes to

become an engineer. In terms of how to help save the world through engineering, she looks forward to her experience as the sole youth delegate (under 18) from Mexico invited to UN ECOSOC Youth Forum 2024 in New York to further find out. She is excited and committed to make a tangible and sustainable impact for her generation and beyond. 

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