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Jamie Lau

Youth Holistic Health Institute

Jamie is a student with passions for health, who believes that physical and mental wellbeing is critical to making the world a better place

As a teenager in my grade 11 year at school, I am fortunate to be studying at an international school that recognises the importance of student well-being and living a balanced life. This is not always true with education. One of the major causes of stress in students is academically related, due to competition. I know some students are constantly faced with the stress of getting high academic achievement. These students have reflected their parents' expectations to them. They force their brain to work overtime as they worry about the exams that will get them into their career. Knowing these has been meaningful to me as someone who never had to face these, as it makes me appreciate how luxurious my life is. It also motivates me to help give all students the same stress-free journey I had growing up, what a student should get as a fundamental right. 

Currently, I founded an online platform called “Youth Holistic Health Institute (YHHI)”, aiming towards allowing all children to preserve all areas of their well-being, and advance towards a better collective future. YHHI aims to integrate a variety of expertise from various schools and research institutes into one shared platform, built around a principle called THRIVE.  This THRIVE methodology balances focus on innovation, education, and physical restoration. All contributors will contribute combined efforts to advance the innovation of mental health and provide new methods in treating those in need. Aside from YHHI, some of my personal achievements in my normal life consist of competitive swimming, having done international competitions, as well as academic achievements within my school.

I want to help as many people as I possibly can in any form of well being. Right now, I wish to pursue a medical career as this career field allows me to heal as many people as possible. I am quite open in the way I heal people. As a student, I am choosing to help other students relieve their academic stress as I can sympathize with them. In the future, I hope to improve the health of all citizens besides just students, and this can include treating various diseases, relieving stress, and encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I believe living a healthy life is the most fundamental human right everyone should have.

Jamie Lau: Team Members
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