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Lars Dobashi Nunes

Brazilian-German Kids Assist, Founder

Amphibian Migration Project, Youth Advocate

Lars Dobashi Nunes is a junior in high school based in Germany, and he is interested in international relations and economics as well as enjoys reading books about politics, geography, and AI. Supporting people is what he loves doing. 

When he was in elementary school he wanted to become class representative for his class. There were several other candidates and he was not voted for this role. After that, he thought a lot about it. He always believed that the students who had the best grades would be voted for class representative just because they are so smart and good in school. Then he looked at it again, thinking about why he wasn't voted. In the end, he learned that he shouldn't think that he was not the truly right candidate for this position in school, but see it as something everyone can do. This is his favorite growing-up story and it is extremely meaningful to him because he was finally voted for class representative in his math course. With this lesson learned he can see that each and everyone can be voted for this role as a class representative, only with the initiative to take over that position. Looking back at it, he is extremely happy that he has the opportunity to be active in this role and represent his math class. He always wanted to be in a representational role in school and go even further to be someone in such a larger role. As he can also tell, he has fought to get to the point to be in this role. 

Now in high school, his favorite subjects are math, economics, geography, and politics. For his exchange year, he got a merit-based scholarship. He is an alumnus of YYGS, a pre-college summer program where he received partial financial aid. Lars received diverse medals at various swim competitions. When he lived in China he got several awards at an international school, being recognized by his teachers. In addition, he is starting a new club with his sister at their school to get donations for an international project in Brazil in partnership with another high school. This year he is participating in the Model United Nations of his high school. In springtime, he helps as a volunteer at the local amphibian migration project. As an extracurricular activity, he also swims in a club as well as plays the violin. At his high school, he tutors younger students in subjects like English, Math, and French. 

Looking ahead, his targets of attending a top university are to go more in-depth into his major areas - on an interdisciplinary level. He aims to take as many internships within his undergraduate studies as possible and engages in organizations and clubs by contributing to events of the college itself. After college, he wants to be an active member of the United Nations trying to make the world a better and safer place.

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