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Juan Pablo Rincon

Medical Cannabis

Juan Pablo Rincon is a Colombian student based in Madrid, Spain. He studies at Kings College Soto, a British school where he plans on doing his A Levels to later go to university in the UK. He has a great passion for sciences as well as a great interest in medicine. 

Juan Pablo grew up with his brother Juan Esteban who had a condition called hydranencephaly. He was amazed by how much about medicine his mother, Liliana, had learnt with his brother despite her never studying medicine in any way. With this, he developed an immense interest in medicine after seeing all the medical procedures his brother had to go through. As a result, Juan Pablo has also learnt to be tolerant as well as empathetic towards people with disabilities from a young age.

Currently Juan Pablo is taking his first year of Biology, Chemistry and Psychology A Levels. Together with his father, he is working on developing a company that produces Cannabis products for medical use in Colombia. Apart from this, he is focusing his EPQ (extended project qualification) on how medical and recreational cannabis differ based on social and psychological impacts which will create an in depth study on Cannabis not only based on his three A Levels but as well focused on the medical area of Cannabis which shows his deep interest in medicine.

Looking ahead, his main objective in life is to study medicine and biochemistry in the UK, which will not only benefit his medical career but will simultaneously benefit his interest in running his own medical Cannabis company. Additionally he aims to continue his research on Cannabis as a way to develop a new positive image on Cannabis and its Medical benefits. With this, he aims to help people in need and also people with disabilities such as his brother to bring hope and health to the vulnerable.

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