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Om Madhavi

ESG School
Global Leadership Team

Om Madhavi is a young man passionate about business and community service. He has been doing community service since a very young age. To him, running operations is a platform to be able to help people vis-a-vis job opportunities, donations and more, and to be able to provide to people their needs and wants while also keeping in mind profitability. It is a means for him to create a wide scale impact on the world. He is on the global leadership team for both ESG School and Young Pioneers Forum.

He likes to help people and bring them things which will make their lives easy. He also has the means to be able to help others. He also loves the ideas of being an entrepreneur and running his own business. He also enjoys the idea of living a good life knowing that the impact he had on the lives of people is something quite admirable. He also wants to play his small part in helping change the world with his innovative and sustainable ideas. He is interested in marketing and communicating with people to be able to sell an innovative idea. 

Growing up, when his parents explained to him the importance of treating people correctly. And how treating everyone well will benefit him. It’s meaningful because he has still stuck to those learnings and words. At a young age he was taught the importance of human life, and the importance of having a good education. Treating people with respect and having their blessings with him is what makes him truly happy. 

In school, Om has opted for Business Management HL (higher level), Mathematics HL, Design Technology HL, Environmental Systems and Societies SL (standard level), English SL, and French SL. In school, he has also recently won the Student of the Year award in Business Management. 

Outside of school, Om is highly passionate about community service. Since the age of 6 or 7, Om and his dad have been participating in donation drives every single year. For every festival and birthday, his father and him go on drives and donate food packets, clothes, toys, and many others to people in need. He has also taken part in an entrepreneurship competition where he came up with an idea and found ways to market and attract potential investors. He has taken part in another investing challenge hosted by the Harvard student agencies  to understand financing and the management of funds more effectively through first hand experience. Furthermore, he is going to do another young leadership program hosted by Harvard to help him understand the required leadership skills to be a great leader. 

Looking ahead, Om wants to get into a great university to be able to successfully combine his innovative and entrepreneurial interests with his business intellect. He would like to become a social innovator and getting into a great business centric school would allow him to meet like minded people that would help create a huge difference in the world.

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