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Future of Investment,
Youth Advocate

Aliya Mussayeva is a responsible student who is passionate about increasing her knowledge and engaging in active social activity. Her main interests lie in math and economics, which she hopes to pursue as a future career in combinaton with entrepreneurship.

During 11 years of study, Aliya has changed four schools as she strives to pursue the highest form of education. Perhaps, this may not seem like much, but for her, it was enough to overcome a lot and get out of her comfort zone. With each school, the difficulty level of studying increased. Moreover, Aliya had to integrate into a new environment with new people. But every time, with family support and constant hard work, Aliya understood she could achieve any goal. With some time, Aliya became one of the best students in each school and made many new friends. Even though, at first, it was scary to move to another educational institution. However, in the end, each of the schools made Aliya more confident and disciplined, leaving her with pleasant memories, communicative skills, and wonderful new friends.

Aliya studies in National Specialized Lyceum that focuses on Physics and Math. What’s more, she also takes A-level courses in Economics, Math and English. Aliya got a Regional Certificate for a Social Experiment Video, took second place in the Regional Physics Olympiad in 2022, third place in the Olympiad between Lyceums in 2023, and took part in a Conference in English in 2023 as well.

As Aliya aims to create a positive impact in and out of school, she also undertakes a diversity of leadership opportunities. She is volunteering in the World Championships of Rapid and Blitz, she has earned a certificate from UNICEF through participating in educating teachers with psychological and physical disabilities and teaching them English, and she also designed an English curriculum to teach students from local villages. She enjoys volunteering for marathons, zoos and orphanages, and will also be a volunteer team leader in the next Half Almaty Marathon. In her personal time, Aliya enjoys reading, hanging out with family and friends, cooking, pilates, learning English, Sudoku, watching movies, series and animations.

In the future, Aliya wishes to become a successful businesswoman who can bring economic and social prosperity to her community. 

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