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Avdesh Salecha

Business and Economics Society

Avdesh Salecha grew up in Dubai in an Indian family. He aims to implement his skills and knowledge in the world of finance and technology to help society and the world as a whole; he is involved in a plethora of projects and initiatives, such as Project Skillseed. 

Since childhood, he has shown enthusiasm towards Business, Economics, Finance and Computer Science. Over the years, through indulging in the super curriculum - for example Columbia University's course on Corporate Finance and DataCamp's course on Python in Finance - Avdesh has advanced his skills and developed a greater understanding in the realm of 'Finance 2.0.' Through his journey of exploring this field, he has further understood the importance of transferable skills, responsible leadership and collaboration in order to succeed.

Furthermore, he demonstrates his skills outside his IBDP subjects - higher level maths, economics and geography - through a series of extracurricular activities. Avdesh is the Chair of the Business and Economics Society at his school, where he leads weekly sessions, debates, school assemblies and more. He is also the MUN Secretary General at his school and has participated as a delegate and chair at several other MUN Conferences. He competes for his school in sports such as cricket and athletics, and has led the school's football team as captain. He enjoys playing the guitar and works towards his certification from the Trinity College of London Music. Over his spring/summer break, he interned at an investment bank and gained knowledge whilst developing his skills related to finance. Moreover, he takes part in several volunteering initiatives to give back to society, such as the Echope Charity where he leads the youth team.

It will be a dream come true to attend top universities so he can further increase his effect and impact on the world. It would help him build a strong network that creates opportunities which will help feed his never-ending hunger for knowledge and experience. Eventually, he hopes to utilise his entrepreneurial passion and skills to delve into investment banking or financial consultancy.

Avdesh Salecha: Team Members
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