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Mohammad Sudais Arif

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital

Mohammad Sudais Arif grew up in England being raised in a Pakistani family. From a young age he has cultivated his love of computer science, specifically programming. He has managed to complete his computer science A-level , 3 years in advance. His passion for programming is shown by his vast knowledge of languages, as he has learnt Python, C sharp and C ++ . He aspires to apply his coding knowledge to many fields, mainly medicine, as well as sports science.

Sudais’ interest in medical implants and devices arised from his work experience visit to a hospital in the US, where he spent  2 weeks shadowing doctors. From his visit, he was most intrigued by the work of the technicians, who had a complex understanding of the machines. It was most intriguing that despite the great ability of the doctors, they all had great admiration for the machines and technology, which they acknowledge has allowed the lives of many patients to be extended. Sudais’ visit to the US contrasted his visit to a cancer hospital (Shaukat Khanum) in Pakistan. Being situated in a 3rd world country, this hospital had limited resources and can be described as technologically disadvantaged in comparison to the hospital in the US. It is important to note that the hospital received zero government funds and so relied on donations. Armed with this knowledge and his experiences, Sudais set out to raise $10,000, where he would run 1 km for every $1000. He ultimately beat his target, raising $12,000. He has now set an even higher aimer of $30,000 by the end of 2023

Sudais also wishes to apply his knowledge of computer science to sports. This love for sports has been nurtured since the age of 4, where he has constantly competed in swimming and gymnastics competitions. After years of training, he has competed nationally in gymnastics, and regionally for swimming. At the age of 11, he started water polo, which he has also competed nationally. Through his experiences, in sport , he was always intrigued by the use of technology in sports and its impacts.

In the future, he hopes to attend a top university, either in the UK or US. He believes this would be best, as he could push himself and establish many connections, which would be useful in post-university work. As he wishes to study computer science, he has aspired for 2 possible different career paths. His first path would include working at a top institution, such as Google or Microsoft, before going on to start his own business. As he is heavily involved in sports, he has also aspired to use technology in that line of field, and he would like to work for a sports team, where from his experience as a student, provides a great community and atmosphere.

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