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Nirvaan Shah

Mwangaza Stories,
Club Leader

Nirvaan Shah is a 16 year old student who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. He goes to school at the International School of Kenya and his hobbies are playing rugby, basketball, building/designing objects and cooking. 

Nirvaan’s most meaningful story growing up was when he broke his arm playing rugby in middle school. For about a year after his arm was healed he didn’t play rugby as he was afraid of getting hurt again. His rugby coach encouraged him to continue to play as his injury was out of his control. Unintentionally this taught him a valuable lesson to not let things out of your control bother you.

Nirvaan is the co-captain of the rugby team, leads a club called Mwangaza Stories, volunteers at a temple to feed underprivileged children, and works with a local Albinism Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya to generate funds for their projects.

In the future Nirvaan wants to study in the STEM field specifically in mechanical engineering and hopefully get a job in that field. Eventually he would like to come back to Kenya and use his skills to help improve technology in rural areas.

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