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Alexander Belotserkovtsev

Future of Space
Youth Advocate

Alexander Belotserkovtsev is a curious and dedicated math and astronomy enthusiast, recognized internationally for his achievements. He thrives on intellectual challenges, excelling in diverse academic fields and eagerly sharing knowledge.

From a young age, Alexander showed a keen interest in mathematics, participating in competitions and eventually winning gold at the National Olympiad 2023 and the International Zhautykov Olympiad 2024. His journey in astronomy is equally remarkable, with consecutive wins in the National Astronomy Olympiads in 2022 and 2023, and silver medals in the International Astronomy Olympiad in both years. These accomplishments underscore the importance of perseverance, the value of community, and the joy of overcoming complex challenges.

Striving for excellence in and out of school, Alexander undertakes a rigorous approach to satisfying his professional and personal growth aspirations. From an academics perspective, Alexander studies at a prestigious physics and mathematics lyceum, where he delves into advanced mathematical concepts and explores his interests in literature and social studies, demonstrating his broad academic curiosity. Beyond mathematics, Alexander is deeply involved in astronomy, winning multiple Olympiads and contemplating a future in astroengineering. He participates in the Math Center's Olympiad preparations, writes science papers, and presents at conferences. Leading by example, Alexander shares his knowledge with peers, contributes actively to his community, and maintains a balanced life with hobbies like swimming and reading. He joined the UN Foundation’s Engine Room for the Future 2024 and looks forward to forming partnerships with youth and youth organizations globally to create a positive impact for society. 

With aspirations to attend a top university for applied mathematics, Alexander is open to exploring fields such as computer science, mathematical physics, and possibly astroengineering. His achievements in astronomy Olympiads hint at a future where he could significantly advance human understanding and capability in space exploration. Alexander aims to expand the horizons of what's possible, contributing to the development of society and supporting those around him through education and innovation.

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