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Gareth Fung

Future of Economics,
Youth Advocate

Gareth Fung is an avid humanities enthusiast and soccer player— with passions for understanding socio-economic behavior and international relations— who believes that risk-taking and togetherness is critical to making the world a better place. In the long term, Gareth hopes to utilize his strengths in modern history and behavioral economics in order to own or lead an international company.

Gareth is currently taking History, Economics and Geography for his current A-levels following his completion of his IGCSE exams in the summer of 2022. During his IGCSE course, Gareth received both the school’s History and French IGCSE Academic Endeavor Award for his ‘exceptional results, commitment and attitude’. In addition, he received several Academic Merits for History whilst studying the Case-study of Weimar Germany. He received all A*s (9s and 8s) for his 9 IGCSE subjects. Currently in his AS and A-Level course, Gareth has participated in both the Fitzwilliam Cambridge History Essay Competition and the John Locke Economics Essay Competition. Whilst focusing hard on academics, Gareth is also a member of the school’s Student Council, which seeks to actively discuss required internal school improvements with senior school staff.

Gareth has many personal achievements and hobbies which he tries to imbed in his daily routines as well. He has a large passion for traveling around the world and learning new scultures in places he has not been to. He has also always remained a sporty individual and has been in weekly football training since he was six years old, and was nominated for student athlete excellence in his old school during 2019/20. He also remains enthusiastic about economics and business entrepreneurship, as both his parents work as directors in finance-related corporations, and is producing his own individual research program on Behavioral Economics and its impact on Aviation. Furthermore, he will have an internship in PwC in the summer of 2023 to strengthen his knowledge on Human Resources consulting and strategy management. 

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