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Nicole Volet

Future of Psychology
Youth Advocate

Nicole Volet is a 16-year-old student who was born in Dubai and comes from both American and Russian descent. She is driven by her strong passion for Psychology with a goal to understand and communicate feelings of others who are not heard in today’s society. Additionally she contains expertise in piano, tennis, ice skating and graphic design

In Nicole’s school, children in the 3rd grade were not allowed to eat in the canteen yet students in 4th grade were. Nicole lives in Dubai where temperatures reach 41°C in April; nobody thought it was fair. Hence, you could imagine Nicole’s excitement when entering the 4th grade as she was greeted by: The air conditioner, muffins, and salads. This victorious feeling was short-lived as 4th graders were later banned from the canteen because of the 5th graders. This story may be insignificant to some, but for Nicole, a lesson was learned. Age matters too much. A grade of students being stripped of a well-deserved air conditioner just because of a 12 month difference. Obviously, Nicole assumed it was just because she was young: But as she grew older it never stopped. A year ago when Nicole was in 9th grade the clock in her homeroom was broken. She noticed this on her first day and said something about it - on top of this, the student voice committee at her school mentioned this throughout several meetings throughout the academic year. The clock is still broken. In fact, nothing came out of those meetings. This made Nicole realize how little say teenagers get in today’s society and made her want to make a difference.

Currently she is waiting to make her debut into leadership in her Sophomore year of high school. Additionally she participates in her local newspaper, arranging the pages. She also has participated in an internship at a Law firm as she aspires to become a Lawyer. She was taught the importance of argument in this internship and intends to use this in her future leadership. This year she is hoping to participate in volunteer work online, in retirement homes, and on beaches.

Looking ahead, Nicole has always dreamed of living in New York City and aspires to one day make it to NYU or even Columbia. She has a desire to study either Law or Psychology and find a fulfilling career in such fields. 

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