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Francesco Boccuzzi 

Mobile Conversa,

Son of brazilian parents with Italian heritage, Francesco Boccuzzi has lived his entire life in Brazil. Since he was very young, he has always been passionate about soccer. In an effort to connect his favorite sport to the possibility of helping others, he created project Recicraques. 

Since a young age, Francesco has always had a great interest for innovations and new experiences, always considering joining different initiatives both in the sports and academic spheres. Nevertheless, despite always being keen to new experiences, failure was a big fear of his, which made him abandon a lot of activities during his childhood. In his early teenage years, when reflecting on whether he should participate in a tennis tournament, he heard from his parents: "What if it turns out better than expected?". This completely changed his approach towards new life paths he could trail. It motivated him to, more than ever, embark on new opportunities and, most of all, lose his great fear of failure. As a result, he is now extremely open to joining new projects, which can be school clubs, olympiad competitions, extra classes, tennis competitions and many others. 

Inside school, Francesco's extension subjects varied through highschool. When he was a sophomore and only able to take one extension course, he chose an engineering principles class. During his eleventh grade, he took advanced maths, advanced physics and economics as his extensions. Finally, for his senior year, he will participate in advanced maths, advanced physics and ethics and citizenship, a debate class on contemporary political issues. As extracurricular activities within school, he is founder and leader of Mobile Conversa, a project through which Francesco organizes and mediates lectures given by school alumni regarding college and career topics. In total, these talks have been attended by roughly 120 high school students. He is also a co-founder of the Sports Commission, where he organizes tournaments and training sessions for the students. The latest tournament had 13 teams playing, adding up to about 70 athletes. His main athletic enterprise would be playing tennis, which he does at state level. Given his interests in programming, he is currently taking coding classes and has been to UC Berkeley during a computer science study program. 

Attending a world class university is the first step towards a successful career. It provides knowledge, experience, ideas and further career opportunities. For Francesco, it would mean getting to receive the best learning opportunities, being able to contact the greatest experts regarding his topics of interest, creating multiple connections and gaining an unique cognitive, social and entrepreneurial ability to achieve his dream of revolutionizing the car industry and making electric powered vehicles accessible worldwide. After finishing his college journey, Francesco plans on returning to Brazil in order to expand and develop the limited renewable energy industry of the country, allowing the ecologically friendly transportation, industry and economy to rise. 

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