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Keanu Djalal

Youth Politik

Keanu is a highly competitive and decorated highschool student based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is currently taking the IBDP programme and intends to leverage his outstanding academic achievements coupled with his abundance of extracurricular and charitable activities to seize his dream of attending a world class university for the purpose of advancing his intellectual endeavours, aggrandising his bevy of skills and attributes, enhancing his virtuosity in the command of information and satiating his craving for self-development and progression. He aspires to appease such aspirations in order to realise his career goals of becoming a corporate lawyer, which in turn enables him the prospect of satiating the larger ulterior goal of alleviating the imbalance of injustice within the realm of law. 

Growing up, Keanu has always thrived as a fundamental winner, refusing to lose or relent regardless of circumstance. It is this characteristic that will enable his success in whichever occupational field he chooses to pursue. Keanu aims to liberate himself from the confines of mediocrity, with aspirations of belonging amongst the greatest souls tethered to law not just in our time, but of all time. He believes this goal will be realised through his unique combination of intelligence, talent, determination, ambition and heritage. Despite his assiduity and indefatigable nature and serious demeanour, Keanu remains deeply charitable and is heavily involved in many social welfare foundations, charitable causes, advocacy summits and manages an activism organisation of his own. Furthermore, his competitive nature has never inhibited him from absolutely flourishing in social settings as he is part of numerous clubs and student bodies and is extremely well-known and well-liked in his city, especially amongst highschool and university students - even reaching certain levels of being regionally renowned. 

In high school, Keanu has been the “Top Student” award winner in ACS Jakarta for four years running and has recently scored full distinctions across all subjects for his IGCSE exams. Previously, Keanu had been selected to represent his school in numerous academic competitions on both a domestic and international scale. He is a well rounded student who excels in all fields of academic studies, making him a highly adaptable and versatile student. However, his interests lie mainly in history, politics and law. Furthermore, extending beyond academics, Keanu also excels in his extracurriculars where he exhibits a vast array of interests and expertise, prominently showcasing the extent of his versatility transcending the realm of academics. Such extracurriculars include being part of the basketball team for the last 7 years (and assuming the captain position for 5 of those years), being a key fighter in Kemang Fight Gym (a Jakarta boxing club), a muay thai fight gym member, being a pianist, guitarist and drummer, an active participant of MUNs, being a member of the Media Resource Crew for 6 years, a ByeBye Plastic Bags member of 4 years, participating in numerous academic olympiads and many more. Furthermore, he is currently undertaking numerous leadership positions such as Grade CAS leader, Class Captain, School House Captain and of course, the founder of Youth Politik among many others. 

Youth Politik is a non-profit organisation which aims to use the youth as a means of conflict resolution, addressing the many global issues affecting society as a whole. Youth Politik liberates truth and expels falsehoods, enabling the youth to perpetuate their own verities that the silenced are too afraid to vocalise. The organisation consummates these aims by working with various youth groups, governing bodies, figures of authority and social welfare organisations in facilitating bilateral conferences between influential youth within conflict zones, effectively giving a platform to the voices unpolluted with bias or distortion with the hopes of not simply garnering attention, but amassing support and augmenting solidarity.

Such universities that he believes can best facilitate his career goals of becoming a corporate lawyer, and thus those he prioritises getting into most, are those which excel in the fields of humanities and liberal arts such as Oxford, Harvard, Georgetown, Yale, LSE, Columbia, Stanford and NYU. His career interests are relatively varied, however, as he firmly retains a strong fascination with all subjects related to humanities and social sciences, as well as liberal arts in general. In a broader sense, money is less prioritized relative to his other priorities. Instead, Keanu is focused on being a prominent and influential figure in whichever occupational field he chooses, aiming to cultivate a cardinal influence tethered to paramount predominance. Regarding his occupational pursuits, Keanu wishes to undertake professions which are intellectually stimulating and challenging, never failing to indulge in the sensation of overcoming adversity. Above all, perhaps, Keanu loves to win. Thus, Keanu prioritises occupational fields which places him in direct competition with others, e.g. law or politics. 

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