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Mingrui Jerry Deng


Mingrui Jerry Deng is a data-savvy sports enthusiast with a Picasso-esque vision. He meld analytical prowess with a profound passion in multifaceted areas, such as sports and art, aiming to decode human behavior and foster innovation in a world often constrained by convention. He is interested in exploring how artificial intelligence can more efficiently identify cyber threats and disinformation. 

As an immigrant that is currently living in Toronto, Jerry has developed strong adaptation skills. He can easily adapt in a completely unfamiliar environment. He never stuck in his comfort zone, though; he challenged himself to learn a third language in school. He remembers the first time he ever presented a project in Spanish, not only delivered a successful presentation that astonished the teacher but also became a leading role model in the class. 

In school, Jerry is an active varsity sports participant, contributing a lot in Junior Varsity soccer and badminton. He’s passionate about volunteers that he thinks are meaningful in pursuing his journey, such as Relay For Life, which provides him a precious opportunity to do deeper statistical analysis on cancer. As a rigorous learner, Jerry has taken higher level Math, Economic and Chinese, demonstrating his curiosity in mathematical but also human sciences and language. 

Driven by his passion in analytic, Jerry aims to develop an interdisciplinary combination between analytic and other fields of knowledge, such as sport, finance, and economics.

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