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Yagiz Ozenci

The Caspian Group

Yagiz Ozenci was born in Turkey but grew up in Dubai. He is the founder of The Caspian Group, an organisation which through free consulting services aims to provide support to growing student startups and initiatives. 

Catalyzed by excess time in COVID-19 Yagiz extended his interest in finance and economics by taking college courses on money and banking from Columbia University. He then honed his skills by taking professional level financial modelling courses and applying them in internships at Clifford Chance, JP Morgan, Citi Group and numerous conglomerates like Dogus and Mapa Group in his native Turkey. 

He has also capitalised on his free time during the summer holidays to join a College Credit Summer Program at the University of Southern California which was on all major engineering disciplines. He was able to learn from USC faculty and produce earthquake support robots, rockets and covid circuits as he applied knowledge that he gained from producing IEEE formatted research reports. 

Apart from challenging himself academically outside the school curriculum, Yagiz has undertaken the nuturiously challenging IB Diploma Program, while combining his passion of Economics, Math and Physics by taking them as his Higher Level subjects. In addition to academics, Yagiz keeps a balanced lifestyle by engaging in national swimming training, playing self taught piano, and the drums. 

He also finds interest in the workings of the United Nations, having participated in leading and organising many Model United Nations Conferences in Dubai, The Netherlands, and Singapore. He is crowning his MUN journey with an ongoing position in DIAMUN, the MENA region’s largest Model UN conference. 

Applying the knowledge he learnt from his studies, Yagiz also authored a published book titled The Hierarchy of Money and Credit in which he analyzed the sentiments of economic shareholders throughout an economic cycle. 

Yagiz aims to hone his abilities to provide a good application worthy of getting him into a top university in the US or UK. He believes that going to a top tier educational institution will surround him with like-minded and ambitious individuals which will prompt him to maximise his future potential. Post grad Yagiz aims to apply his newfound knowledge at a corporate role in finance or big law and enrich himself and those around with knowledge he will gain throughout his career.

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