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Roman Breytenbikher 


Roman Breitenbihkher is a secondary school student based in Montreux, Switzerland who aspires to inspire his peers and future generations to combine imagination with discipline to create real world outcomes. He is a lifelong learner across a wide spectrum of academic subjects for the purpose of realizing for-people, for-planet and for-prosperity outcomes. 

Growing up, when Roman was in primary private school, everything was too easy for him. The teachers were too kind, there were no right or wrong answers, he could get everything he wanted, no one criticized him. Soon, for the better future, he went to public middle school, which was extremely competitive and academically hard. Being relaxed after primary school, he continued answering questions, even though he wasn’t sure if his answer was right.  Surprisingly for him, Roman faced irritating from the teacher because of his incorrect answers, so soonly he stopped answering on the lessons and school became boring. There was a student in Romans class that was doing the same thing, and even though his answers were absolutely incorrect, he didn’t stop, even though the teacher was quite irritated. And the moment he got the right version - everybody was cheering and the teacher looked happy. This was a big lesson for Romans' whole life. The winner is the loser who tried again, and losing is a part of the pathway to winning. It is worth highlighting that soonly Roman continued participating actively in lessons and the grades improved.

At high school, Roman has undertaken an interdisciplinary approach to bolster both his professional and personal growth - and to develop into the man he wishes to be. On one front, he took a deeper dive into computer science and engineering, and he launched his first NFT project called One Pixel Art (onepxlart). This ArtTech project is inspired by famous paintings around the world and helps him refine both his skills in coding (which he self learns) as well as in arts and culture. 

In terms of his extracurricular engagements, he is a strong and awarded swimmer in his age group, while also playing volleyball and boxing. He has created a self-development project on linguistics to bridge the communication gap on an intercultural basis, and he was once named Best Actor for a drama performance. On a personal front, Roman provides rapport to his family and close friends and displays strong empathy. He mentors his younger brother, spent time learning petcare to look after his dog and is always ready to lend a hand when required. He will soon be co-founding the Investment Club and joining a series of UN ECOSOC Youth Forum events.

Looking ahead, leveraging on his interests, skills and experience across computer science, communications and interpersonal development, he aims to lead and drive innovation towards creating more effective and efficient tools in both the real world and the metaverse. He aims to continue his club leadership, globalize his NFT projects and support ongoing design projects: half-full.

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