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Annie Long

High Performance Student Program

Annie Long is determined to help teenage girls develop into pioneering leaders. She documents her coming of age journey on her YouTube channel and founded the High Performance Student 6-week program to propel her mission. 

When Annie was eight years old, she started creating videos on YouTube, but it wasn’t until four years later that her channel amassed thousands of subscribers. Given this unanticipated blessing to influence thousands, she began to think more critically about how she can impact others positively in a life-changing way. Therefore, she started the High Performance Student online coaching program. The process of hiring team members and teaching students globally was terrifying in the beginning. However, the personal development each of the program’s students underwent opened her eyes to the magnitude of impact that social media influence can produce.

Currently, she is taking a sabbatical from her work as the head coach of the High Performance Student coaching program to reconsider how she can make the most impact in the world while also enjoying her own season of life as a high school student. Outside of school, Annie is currently producing her YouTube videos, running on her school’s track team, learning three languages with the goal of fluency (Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mandarin), and serving on the campus strategy team at her local church. 

Annie desires to steward her God-given gifts of curiosity, diligence, and boldness by attending a university that will challenge and refine her, and to design her own interdisciplinary program including but not limited to international business, digital media and foreign languages. After university, Annie plans to continue her developing  entrepreneurial ventures while pursuing Christian ministry. 

Annie Long: Team Members
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