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Richik Mandal


Richik Mandal has a strong passion in Mathematics and Computing, which fascinates him and inspires him to be a part of technological evolution and innovation. He is very humble, helpful and kind and is always looking for the opportunity to help others.

His favorite growing up story was the one which his mother used to tell him. He fell down many times when he was small, but she told him that he always fell looking up instead of down. This lead to Richik avoiding many accidents in his childhood. This is his favorite growing up story because it showed him that, from when he was small, he had a never giving up attitude, always keeping his head held high no matter the fall, and giving him the inspiration to keep on moving onward and forward.

In high school, Richik has taken part in the EAMUNC organized by his school. In addition, he had taken part in the STAI (Science, Technology and Innovation) competition for website development, school app development competition organized by the Indian School Management in Oman and World Scholar’s Cup to name a few.

Looking ahead, Richik wants to pursue Computer Science from one of the top 10 universities around the world. He would like to obtain Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science with MBA optional. He wants to work at Apple Inc. after his studies are over to contribute to technological evolution.

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