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Krish Dhawan


Krish Dhawan grew up in Belgium in an Indian family. He aims to use his knowledge of computer science to help the world, and he is concurrently developing a wide spectrum of projects in progress, such as Project TinyBit. 

Since middle school, he has been interested in Engineering design, Robotics and Computer Science. Over the years, he has built up advanced programming skills. This boosted his confidence to transform his ideas into tangible websites and mobile app designs. In 2021, he decided to combine his technological expertise with his passion and his app idea was born. He was enthusiastic but entirely confused on where to start. After a conversation with his dad, he realized it would be best to instead build a mock web application to visualize his concept and then collaborate with app developers to create the program. This decision allowed him to expand the scope of his designs to include more complicated features that he never would have considered possible if he had to develop the app himself entirely. One year ago, he was innovative but limited himself with the belief that if he had a dream, he needed to accomplish it entirely on his own. As he has come to recognize the value of collaboration and delegation of assignments, he has learned the invaluable lesson that working with the right people can accomplish so much more than working alone.

For extension academic activities inside school, he is currently in an AP class and math extended, taking all the extension courses available. Outside of the curriculum, he is participating in math club, speech and debate, and MUN as a delegate and soon hopes to be a chair. He also takes part in Tennis and the Duke of Edinburgh award, which covers most of his athletic activities. For his skills, he plays the guitar and has been doing so for many years. Over the course of his summer break, he has been working as an intern for a start-up called Clay, which helped him learn how a small scale business operates from the inside. On the weekends, he takes coding classes to expand his knowledge of computer science. For personal leadership activities, he is working on applications that help students with learning difficulties to bring some ease to their lives and something of practical importance to them. 

Attending world class universities to scale his impact will be a dream come true. It can help him build a strong network that can provide a wealth of opportunities in the future. He will not only get to connect with faculty members, and get to listen to top leaders giving talks, but he may also get to build academic partnerships with other institutions in the world. He is certain that it shall encourage creative and independent thought of mine. After graduating from university, he would either go straight for post-graduation or might join one of top companies to gain some experience. Eventually, after his post-graduation, he would like to start his own company and lead the technology world using his entrepreneurial skills.

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