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Grant Zhou

The Green Fence

Grant Zhou is a sophomore in high school based in New Jersey, USA, and he strives to challenge himself and persevere. He enjoys robotics and fencing as well as spending time with friends. From an impact perspective, he is interested in advancing the intersectionality of environmental and political issues. 

Growing up, when he was picking groups for a Spanish presentation, he learned that it is sometimes best to choose people who you would work well with instead of being with people that you enjoy being with. In one Spanish presentation, he worked with his group of friends but was not as productive as when he worked with people who stayed on task and wanted to get things done. In the first group, he ended up with a worse presentation and regretted some decisions in the production of the presentation, while in the second presentation, he felt satisfied that he did the best he could which produced good results.

In high school, he is currently taking three APs: Biology, Computer Science A, and European History, and he is taking all accels and Spanish 4. His extracurriculars are robotics and fencing. In robotics, he works mostly on build and notebook, and in freshman year, his notebook and poster creation led to the team winning the design award in the state championships. In fencing, he travels nationally to competitions and currently has an E rating as has won two tournaments.

Looking ahead, Grant hopes to be able to go to a world class college and do a career that he enjoys, not necessarily what makes the most money. He also wants to possibly have a career that can make an impact on the world.

Grant Zhou: Team Members
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