Yusei is a 17 year old student based in Kobe City, Japan, and he is the Founder and CEO of Real Warming.

He believes climate change is an issue that affects every single person on this planet regardless of who they are (though the impact may differ depending on their risk). This issue requires immediate solutions because impacts may be irreversible (or it may be already) if goals are not met within the next few decades.

Real Warming is a project that seeks to identify three "IN"-roads to deliver holistic impact towards advancing a net-zero future. Real Warming specifically focuses on the nexus of climate change and disinformation, aiming to INnovate, INitiate, and INspire people towards net-zero.

Through online platforms, Real Warming strives to INnovate by offering a review of existing start-up companies that are tackling the issue on disinformation, INitiate by educating how climate change disinformation can be avoided, and INspire by spreading publicity to this issue by linking to disinformation campaigns and proving that information is wrong.

By the time he is 25, he would want to be known for proposing new mitigation strategies for CO2 emissions, and for contributing to reducing the threat of global warming.