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Vittorio Nazzi

ESG Company Focus,

Vittorio Nazzi is an 18 year old gap year student who helps small businesses become more environmentally cognizant through the employment of his ESG frameworks. Vittorio is an international nomad, and as a result he is deeply tied to his family.

Vittorio moved away from Italy at age 6, and turned 7 in Belgrade soon after. Attending a British school without speaking any English was tough, but after 2-3 months he began to find a purpose and started to settle in. He learned a valuable lesson: difficulties will always be present, but it’s about how they are approached. Ever since, he always tries to take a calm and relaxed approach to challenges, and it works as a big competitive advantage. 

ESG company focus was created because he believes that change starts from the bottom. Large corporations are being pressured into being more environmentally cognizant, but they aren’t the only businesses that should change. He is certain that implementing ESG in small businesses will not only help them aid our planet, but also be beneficial for profits and overall workplace relations in the long-term. 

ESG Company Focus specializes in offering consultation services. He devised a simple ESG framework highlighting the basics of ESG and why it is growing in popularity and importance. Then, for each separate business, this framework is tailored to their needs, and the goals are set based on current situation and feasibility of targets. One initiative we started was called Office For a Day, which set a rotating schedule where employees could utilize offices, and the aim was to create a flexible workplace environment that empowers some employees who otherwise wouldn’t have access to offices, and also encourages a reduction of clutter, as employees are constantly moving. Results have shown that waste has actually reduced. So far, the company has been in contact with over 100 small businesses, and has started to work with around 10 of these, mainly to deal with supply chain bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies, but a current project that will start soon is also focusing on the design of the workplace, such as AC circulation, open-floor planning, and even the material used for offices, desks, and other pieces of furniture.

Vittorio hopes to attend a great university for several reasons. He wants to have the tools to access incredible professors, research opportunities, and facilities in order to bolster his research on sustainable developments in developing countries. He also wants to foster a network of hungry and passionate individuals with whom he can connect to develop further ideas to create impact, and also potentially start businesses down the line. 

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