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Veronika Tsukanova

"Personal Voice" Channel and "Mom, Ur Dumb" Podcast

Veronika Tsukanova is a 16 year old secondary school student based in Moscow. She is an advocate for issues such as gender inequality, refugee and childrens’ rights, and she believes domestic violence is a threat to the fabric of society. She aims to change the world for people who do not feel accepted and secure in the environment we live in at the moment.

Growing up, Veronika has experienced a moment of enlightenment in 2019 when she was in Tokyo, Japan. It was the first time she met Daria who changed her a lot and showed her the way she can pursue personal self-development and all of the fields she is interested in at the moment. She hadn’t read a lot before she turned 13, so the first book she read consciously was 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It was given to her by Daria. Just by an accident she became a person who she is now and identified all these goals and ambitions she is trying to achieve. 

Currently, she speaks three languages (German B2 and English), and is in the 15% top students of her grade. She created a book about Modernism of Moscow and gave several lectures on this topic. She is the founder of a podcast called “Mom, ur dumb!” about the relationship between parents and teenagers. She is one of the founders of the “Personal Voice” (Персональный голос) telegram channel about news, exhibitions and art. She’s a member of the “DP Community” group, where we provide opportunities for students of 8th and 9th grade to learn more about IB, to visit her classes and to talk with teachers, through a hybrid model. She is in charge of communication between school administration and students who take part in a charity music concert, which will take place on the 20th of December, 2022. The purpose of this concert is to raise 300,000 rubles for a boy who had a hemorrhage at the age of three weeks and needs constant and expensive medical help. Another charity organization the concert is helping is “More than You Can” which empowers people with physical disabilities to take part in sport competitions with full holistic support. 

Looking ahead, Veronika’s goal is not only to attend a leading global university, but also to influence people’s minds and behavior. Education gives her the opportunity to broadcast her vision to the world and contribute to human-centric development in the best way possible.

Veronika Tsukanova: Team Members
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